How It Works:

Your Meaningful Gifts will bring joy to the world!


“Here in school, my classmates
understand braille and I am able to study together with them.” – Matti

You can help another child like Matti to access the basics they need to survive and thrive with a Meaningful Gift of Education.



9-year-old Viola has grown up with
clubfoot. But thanks to the support of people like you, she is now well on her way to the freedom of mobility.

Viola's receiving ongoing support, including surgery and a series of plaster casts to help her walk easily, safely, and pain-free. Her future is now full of confidence and play!

Gifts of Mobility


Deu suffered polio as a child and her legs were permanently damaged. She couldn’t go to school growing up and she wasn’t able to work as an adult.

But the generosity of supporters like you gave Deu the opportunity she needed to build a livelihood. She was able to open a sewing shop to earn income for her family.



“These materials are life savers for
me. I am very happy and feeling
relieved and hopeful.” - Emkulu

Emkulu is a 48 year old man living in Ethiopia with a severe physical disability. Thanks to the support of people like you, he has received the sanitary supplies he needs to protect himself from COVID-19, including face masks, soap, and hand sanitiser.

Gifts of Covid Care